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People need junk car removal for many reasons, but they are too many to list. Regardless of why you want to get rid of the junk car on your property, we are here to help. With quick removal and cash on pickup you can clean up your property, relieve some stress, and have a little extra for those extra bills, or that new toy.

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Not only does our staff come with glowing recommendations, but we pride ourselves on helping you no matter the issue. We strive to provide a quick efficient service for our customers, while doing our best to intrude on your day and your life as little as possible. We understand you have a life of your own, and a family to look after. Getting rid of the clunker in your driveway is another tick on your list of things that need to get done, but when will you get to it? We strive our best to help you quickly remove a burden and an eyesore, while giving you cash on the spot to take care of the other things you need in your busy day. Don't worry, just let us help you with your junk car removal today. If you need your junk car removed call us at (702)787-0677.


La gente necesita la remoción de autos chatarra por muchas razones, pero son demasiadas para enumerarlas. Independientemente de por qué desea deshacerse del auto chatarra en su propiedad, estamos aquí para ayudarlo. Con la remoción rápida y la recolección en efectivo, puede limpiar su propiedad, aliviar un poco el estrés y tener un poco más para esas facturas adicionales o ese juguete nuevo.


Nuestro personal no solo viene con recomendaciones entusiastas, sino que también nos enorgullecemos de ayudarlo sin importar el problema. Nos esforzamos por brindar un servicio rápido y eficiente a nuestros clientes, mientras hacemos todo lo posible para interferir en su día y su vida lo menos posible. Entendemos que tiene una vida propia y una familia que cuidar. Deshacerse de la basura en su camino de entrada es otra marca en su lista de cosas que deben hacerse, pero ¿cuándo lo hará? Hacemos todo lo posible para ayudarlo a eliminar rápidamente una carga y una monstruosidad, mientras le damos dinero en efectivo en el acto para que se ocupe de las otras cosas que necesita en su día ajetreado. No se preocupe, solo déjenos ayudarlo con la eliminación de su automóvil chatarra hoy. Si necesita que le retiren su coche chatarra, llámenos alat (702)787-0677.

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    Removing an unused junk car from your property can seem overwhelming, especially with the ever-growing to-do list hanging over your head. Many people put off getting rid of the old hunk of junk, but why not turn that clunker into cold hard cash? It’s a lot easier than most people think to get cash for your car removal. Don’t get us wrong -- we understand why people have a hard time getting rid of their old cars. Perhaps it has sentimental value. It could be your first ever car or maybe it belonged to a loved one. You could even be hoping to pass it down to your kids or your kids kids! Sometimes owners can’t let go of their cars because they have plans to restore it, which they may never get around to. In the case that you’re looking to get rid of an old car one may ask, “where do I find junk car removal for cash near me?” If you’re in the Las Vegas area, look no further. Las Vegas Junk Car Buyer services the Las Vegas area and creates a complete and hassle-free experience.

    Junk car removal near me

    Removing junk cars for cash is their specialty.  They are quick, pay cash upon pickup, and clean your property! There might be some people who don’t mind the eye sore but there are multiple reasons why you shouldn’t leave an unused junk car on your property. For one, abandon cars can devalue your property. Junk cars also become a boarding house for rats, insects, stray dogs or other wild animals. It could even pose a dangerous and toxic threat, with rusting sharp edges and leaking fluids that are unsafe for us. It is on the other hand, highly beneficial to get paid to get rid of your unused junk car. You can have Las Vegas Car Buyer remove the eyesore and potential hazard from your property by one quick easy step; picking up the phone and calling them. They’ll give you a quote of how much they can pay you in cash for you junk car removal and they also offer the most competitive quote in the area.

    Along with junk car removal, they can remove Motor Homes, Trailer Homes, as well as heavy equipment. And if you don’t have a title, that’s O.K.! Las Vegas Junk Car Buyer will buy a title-less junk car for cash.  Regardless of why you want to get rid of the junk car on your property, they make sure that they are in and out without intruding on your day. Las Vegas considers them the number one junk car care service around for a reason. They give their customers the most cash for junk cars in Las Vegas and are happy to remove the burden and create one less item on your list of things to do.