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Looking to sell your salvage motor vehicle?  We will buy your salvage vehicles in any condition!  Las Vegas Junk Car Buyer is Nevada’s top buyer for salvage vehicles in Nevada.  We pick-up your salvage vehicles and pay you cash for it at the best rate available.  No title?  No problem.  We can still buy your junk car.  The next time you are searching for vehicle salvage near me, give us a call us at (702) 787-0677 and get a quote today!



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Getting your salvage vehicles removed has never been easier.  We handle all of the paperwork, and we even remove your salvage motor vehicle, no matter the size or condition, and you get paid cash for it!  It’s that simple.  We can even buy your salvage motor vehicles without the title.  All you have to do is give us a call or visit our user-friendly website to set-up a free consultation and get your quote today.  We will handle the rest.

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Las Vegas Junk Car Buyer is a family-owned and ran business, and you can rest assured that we have the best customer service in the Las Vegas salvage motor vehicle market.  Our services include removal of salvage vehicles, salvage motor vehicle disposal, discarding abandoned cars, and recycling old salvage vehicles.  Come find out why we are the best salvage vehicle broker in the Las Vegas area.  We take pride in cleaning up your property and removing that clunky eyesore for you.


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We are cleaning up Las Vegas one salvage motor vehicle at a time.  Did you know that stationary salvage vehicles can seep out toxins into the environment?  Which is why we want to help you clean up your yard while cleaning up the environment too.  We remove your toxic salvage vehicles and recycle them properly.  Not only are you helping ease the stress of having your rusty salvage vehicle sit on your property, but you are also helping the community by not allowing harmful fluids leak into the ground.  Why not make some extra cash and help make conditions clean and safe by having us eliminate your junk?